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Rubik’s Cube is an interactive data visualization application. It works like an online music player, which incorporates the idea of music visualization. You just have to choose a music from your computer (or you can play with the default music), then set an Instagram tag. When you hit the "start" button, the cube will turn faces along with the beats of your music and its face will display the photos with the Instagram tag. 

As the EchoNest platform no longer serves requests, the original website doesn't work at this point, but I'm trying my best to fix it. Here's a video which shows how it works:  


As data visualization is going to use visible language to let people better understand the data, I would say Rubik's Cube acts as an art and scientific project. I also incorporated the technology webGL, music visualization and HTML5 into this project to make the data talk in an artistic way. 




There are two main data sources for this project. In the first page, you can input the Instagram tag you are interested in. Then they can choose to play the default music or upload their own music. 


ased on the Instagram tag you just entered, it will literately loop over the image library of this tag, then it will show the average color of it on the cube surfaces.


The animation of the cube is based on the music data. When it hits a beat, the cubes will turn. When it hit a bar (A bar is a segment of time defined as a given number of beats. Bar offsets also indicate downbeats, the first beat of the measure), it will activate the snow animation. And the plane is the instant music wave visualization. 




In this project, I used a lot of data mapping and tools. For mapping details, please check: 





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