Interactive Installation | 2016.05

Collaborator: Carolyn McShea








Cube is an interactive art installation exhibited in DAX (Digital Art Exhibition) at Dartmouth in May of 2016. It reflected my understanding of subconsciousness. Subconsciousness is out of shape, like the Cube is filled with smoke and you can't really tell what is in it. Small cubes are generated in the big cubes randomly, which is similar to what the reality does to the potential consciousness. Our actions will subliminal influence the subconsciousness, so I made the position of small cube reflecting the view's hand position. 




Theoretically, the LEAP Motion at the desk captured the viewer's hand position, and it will use it as the coordinate to generate the small cubes in the computer. The projector will project the animation to the cube. As the fog, which is made by the smoke machine and dry ice at the bottom, redirected the light from the projection, the little cubes just looked like 3D animation in the cube. Here's the video for the exhibition: 




The cube consists of 6 pieces of 4'x4'x1/8'' plexiglass and a wooden frame, which can hold the weight of the plexiglass and make them in shape. In order to help the cube balance, we removed a small section of plexiglass from the bottom corner and made a triangle base with holes to put the dry ice on and let the air go through. Under the cube, we put a 2-foot table, which can also hide the smoke machine and a fan. 



LEAP Motion was the main device to capture the position of the viewer's hands in this project. Then it send the position data to the computer for coordinate computing. JavaScript was used to synthesize the physical motion of people and the digital projection on the cube. 





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